The Showbiz Expo Gets Really Awkward Thanks To Kyle Mooney

Kyle Mooney from the Los Angeles-based sketch comedy group Good Neighbor pranks The Showbiz Expo with his delightfully awkward interviews.

Do awkward social situations make you squirm? If so, DO NOT watch this video from The SHowbiz Expo. But if you’re like me and live for awkward moments that you can’t stop laughing about, you’ll find this clip absolutely hilarious.

The Showbiz Expo Gets Pranked

Kyle Mooney of Los Angeles-based sketch comedy group Good Neighbor has mastered the art of awkward interviews in a series of videos. His latest takes him inside the Showbiz Expo to talk to attendees and exhibitors. Kyle really doesn’t do any journalism, but he does manage to confuse a ton of people and act like he has less confidence than a 7th-grade boy talking to his crush after peeing his pants. From the reactions of people, you can tell they totally bought his performance.

More From Kyle Mooney

If you’re digging this clip, be sure to check out Kyle’s interviews at the 2009 and 2010 Lakers championship celebrations. You’ve got to love the random transitions to video-game music!