Are you too nice sometimes? Need helping saying “No”? Your iPhone (or iPad) might be able to help. The iNo App offers over 1,000+ suggestions on how to decline requests from your friends, family, co-workers and even boss. There’s an iNo suggestion for everything from bridezilla requests to the dreamed “will you help me move?”

How Yo Use The iNo App

To use the app, simply select:

  • Who you want to say “no” to (boss, priest, cop, proctologist, etc…)
  • What (wedding proposal, bachelor party, dinner, go in on a group gift…)
  • How (from guilt-inducing to poetic)

Then iNo will dig up some ways to help you say “No.” Responses range from the serious and practical, like as “I’m pretty sure I’ll be working late,” to the more creative “The last time I said ‘Yes,’ someone died.” But be warned. Most of iNo’s responses tend to be more humorous than serious. iNo is more of an entertainment than productivity app. Have fun.

Where To Download The iNo App

You can download iNo from the iTunes App Store here: iNo App