The Worst Commutes In America: How Does Your Commute Compare?

Is your daily commute to and from work a “highway to hell“? If you drive to work, then chances are, it is. Over 100 million Americans get in their cars every day, consume billions of gallons of gasoline, waste hours of their lives on public transportation and stress out in traffic jams during their daily commute. But there are some cities that you should avoid if you can. Here are some of the worst commutes in America.

NERD NOTE: Highway to Hell is the sixth studio album by Australian hard rock band AC/DC, released in July 1979. It is also AC/DC’s fifth international studio album. It was the last album featuring Bon Scott, who died early the following year from over-consumption of alcohol.

American Cities With The Worst Commutes

With the average commuter annually wasting 48 days of their life, Dallas, Texas has one of the worst commutes in America. Believe it or not, Dallas is worse than Los Angeles or New York City.

But if you really want to feel better about your daily commute, then watch this video about Southern California mom Carolyn Cherry. She has one of the really long commutes in America. She spends a 6 hour commute traveling 210 miles every day on public transit from her home in Hemet to her job in Los Angeles.

Cities With The Best Commutes

Some of the cities with the shortest commutes are Provo, UT, Rochester, NY and Stockton, CA. What about you? What is your commute time? Do you ride mass transit? Do you have one of the worst commutes in the US? Please leave a comment below.