DIY Paris Hilton Board Game That Gives You an Electric Shock

Paris Hilton Board Game

DIY Paris Hilton Board Game That Gives You an ...Did you ever play the classic board game Operation when you were a kid? You needed a steady hand to remove the patient’s organs using tiny tweezers or you’d get buzzed. Sure the game was fun when you were a kid, but as an adult? Not so much.

What if we told you that you could make your own Paris Hilton board game that electrically shocked you instead of just making noise when you mess up?!

Just print out this color picture of Paris Hilton and rewire the board game based on these instructions at for hours of ridiculous fun. Honestly, it’s a great idea for parties, especially if you turn it into a drinking game too.

Fun and less than $10 if you already own the Operation. Or you can buy an Operation board game on for under $15. You can even invite Paris Hilton over to play. Hilton’s phone got hacked and both her number as well as everyone else in her address book is all over the Internet. Have fun!

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