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Have you ever been a “wingman” for a friend or ever used one yourself? Well if you hate propping up your helpless mate or are sick of your buddy macking on your dream girl/guy, you can now take matters into your own hands and hire a wingman of your own. Who said money can’t buy you love? Thomas Edwards makes a living of it and a good one at that with over 80 clients in both New York and Boston.  Founder and CEO of The Professional Wingman, Edwards has a dating company like no other. The Professional Wingman is a dating service that, “helps men and women enhance their dating and their social lives through personal development and life style strategy.”

Edwards is a confident consultant and claims he “can find love for anyone, but only under the condition that you’re willing to change some things that haven’t been working for you in the past.” And if you are just looking to “get laid,” forget it, Edwards isn’t that type of guy.minted methodshop

Edwards has lots of street cred with a beautiful gal to call his own. Laurie Davis, Founder & CEO of eFlirt Expert is an online dating coach and one half of this powerful dating duo. In true @methodshop fashion, they found each other on Twitter and initially met up for professional reasons but unexpectedly a romance soon blossomed. Edwards is definitely as he says, “a man who walks the talk” Because honestly, who believes that Millionaire Matchmaker lady Patti Stanger can help anyone if she can’t help herself!?

On occasion The Professional Wingman has gotten himself into a sticky situation where the lady his client was interested in took a liking to HIM! On those rare instances he uses his skills to “delegate” and “divert”. Edwards will have her friends distract her while he makes an escape or uses the extra attention on him as an opportunity to show what a great guy his “friend” is. And if all else fails, he just “exits the scene.”

This love guru’s advice is simple and makes perfect sense. Below are some of the industry secrets he was cool enough to share with our @methodshop readers…


minted methodshop


“It’s better to make mistakes, then not do anything at all!” Men shouldn’t resort to making excuses and just do something because the reward far outweighs the risk.



“Think outside of the box when it comes to looking for your match.” Be aggressive in an “old fashioned” way. Smile and hold eye contact, let the guy know you are interested. Remember guys don’t pick-up on subtle cues, they need hints, but don’t go overboard! According to Edwards, winking is OK, but draw the line there.


minted methodshop


Bars and clubs aren’t always the best places to meet people. “Think of other places in your lifestyle where you would meet people…work, mutual friends and activities, or the supermarket or the park or the mall.” Just start a conversation and say, “Hi” and see where it goes from there! NO PICK-UP LINES, “be honest and introduce yourself!”



“If finding love is that important to you, take more risks, experiment with things. Focus on the things that are working and continue to develop those things. I think a lot of people like to give up after one attempt when they fail.”

So don’t give up ladies and gentleman, love is just around the corner and if you still can’t seem to find it, maybe you should just give in and hire your very own wingman. Edwards offers loads of different packages depending on your needs so check out his website , follow him on Twitter @URwingman or watch him on LoveNation.

Happy dating everyone!

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