What Is Geocaching? It’s A High-Tech Easter Egg Hunt For Adults

What Is Geocaching?

A fun trend called Geocaching is helping encourage people to explore the outdoors in a search for cache boxes. But what is Geocaching? Here’s how Geocaching is like an Easter Egg hunt for adults.

By now, you’ve probably seen the Walmart commercial where a dad paints all the easter eggs camouflage. When one little girl finds the first egg, he shrugs it off as a lucky find.

Of course, we try to keep the egg hunt easy for the kids. Wouldn’t it be cool to have a hunt where its a little more intense? Wouldn’t it be cool to put some technology behind it?

What Is Geocaching?

Garmin GPS
Garmin GPS

Geocaching is a fun outdoor activity that people play using a GPS device. If you don’t have a handheld GPS unit, you can borrow the one from your car or use your smartphone.

How To Geocache

How To Geocache & What Is Geocaching?
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So how does Geocaching work? From finding a cache with a GPS to creating a cache, here are the basics of how to Geocache.

Creating A Geocache

  1. Acquire a waterproof container to hold your cache prizes and logbook. Tupperware containers are OK, but won’t last very long. A better option is a metal ammunition container.
  2. Gather a small collection of kid’s prizes and a small notebook and pencil. Typical prizes include coins, pens, and cheap dollar store toys. When people find your cache, they will take a prize and leave a prize.
  3. Find a location for your cache. Pick somewhere, not on private property. Tree stumps and rock formations make great hiding spots. Record the exact GPS coordinates.
  4. Create a list of “Clues” to help people find the cache. See other Geocache listings to get some ideas.
  5. Designate a “Starting Point” where people will begin their search for your Geocache. For example, a trailhead.
  6. Finally, name your cache and add it to an online Geocache database so people can find it.

Finding A Geocache

  1. Search online for “geocaching near me” and find a suitable location with multiple Geocaches. Log all of the caches that you want to visit. You can do this in the Geocaching app or print out the caches in case the location doesn’t have good mobile phone coverage.
  2. Then plan an afternoon to visit the location.
  3. Use your GPS device and the Geocache clues to find the Geocaches.
  4. When you find a cache, take a prize, leave a prize and sign the logbook. If you can’t find the cache or if it requires repair, then please notify the Geocaching service that you used to find the cache.

How Geocaching Is Like An Easter Egg Hunt For Adults

SO what is Geocaching? Geocaching truly is like an Easter Egg hunt for adults. It’s the perfect combination of outdoor activity, technology, and puzzle-solving.

To find out if there is a geocache hunt in your area, just go over to the geocache website like Geocaching.com and enter in your zip code. Or better yet, let the website figure out where you are. Then it’s off to find the prize. Happy hunting!

NERD NOTE: The first known Geocache was created by Dave Ulmer in Beavercreek, Oregon on May 3, 2000. To share his cache, Ulmer posted the GPS location (45°17.460′N 122°24.800′W) on a Usenet newsgroup. The cache contained computer software, money, books, a slingshot and a can of beans.

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