HP TouchPad, Pre 3, Bluetooth Keyboard Demo


Well, HP announced the TouchPad at HP Discover, which I attended this week. I put together a lot of video, but one demonstration in particular was the TouchPad. HP’s tablet answer using the WebOS software.

Just after this video was published, HP announced that the HP TouchPad will be available on July 1st for $499, with 3G models to follow.

Tim Pettitt – HP’s Project Manager shows off the HP TouchPad. He also brought along the Pre 3 the charging dock, and Bluetooth keyboard. Tim showed off how they connect to the TouchPad.

It was a great demonstration of this new tablet. It definitely can be a competitor to an iPad. The Snapdragon Dual Core processor at 1.6 GHz does make the TouchPad a faster tablet than the iPad.

The TouchPad also has Flash, so you can watch all the video here on MethodShop.com.