Wish you could enjoy all the fun of snow without the cold or shoveling? This weekend, Google released an Easter Egg called “Let It Snow.” Just type “let it snow” (without quotes) into Google’s search bar and you’ll be treated to a virtual snowfall.

Defrost Button

minted methodshopAfter 30 seconds or so, the snowflakes will cover Google’s search results and turn your blue “Search” button into a “Defrost” button. At that point, you can either click on the Defrost button to melt the snow and see your search results, or you can click and hold your mouse to draw things like you would in a foggy mirror or window.

Let It Snow – MethodShop

As you can see below, we decided to draw the name of our website, MethodShop, into our snowy search window. Have fun!

Let It Snow - Google Search Easter Egg