Action Movie FX: Create Hollywood Quality Special Effects with Your iPhone

App comes with two free effects: missile strike and car crash.

Action Movie FX app

Want to create a little mass destruction with your iPhone? The Action Movie FX app allows to to create Hollywood quality special effects like a car crash and missile attacks in a few seconds. The app is part of the creative promotion for J.J. Abrams‘ film, Mission Impossible 4: Ghost Protocol starring Tom Cruise.

The Action Movie FX app lets you create videos using two free special effects: a missile strike or a car being hurled at a target. Additional effects can be purchased within the app.

Car Crash

Here’s what the Action Movie FX car crash effect looks like. We used the outside window of Carlo’s Bake Shop in Hoboken, NJ as our target. Don’t worry, no one was hurt making the video including Cake Boss Buddy Valastro.

Missile Attack

The Missile Attack effect is even more fun than the car crash. Just open the app, pick a target (like Frank Radice), and shoot away. Sharing your creation is easy. Save the video to your phone’s photo library and then share it on the web.


Downloading the Action Movie FX app

J.J. Abrams’ digital group, Bad Robot Interactive, created the Action Movie FX app. They did an incredible job. The “special effects” are actually awesome. Very realistic. The music and sound effects were created by George LucasSkywalker Sound.

Action Movie FX is free for a limited time. So go download it and crash a car or a missile into someone you love (or hate)!

Download: Action Movie FXminted methodshop