Friskies Facebook App Lets You Play with Real Cats Over the Internet

Friskies Facebook App Lets You Play with Real Cats over the Internet


The evil marketing geniuses working for Friskies cat food have a new campaign that probably has their competitors smacking their foreheads and wondering why they didn’t think of it first.

A new tab on the their Facebook page, called the Friskies Plus Playhouse, allows fans to remotely control several cat toys and webcams between 3 p.m. and 6 p.m. ET daily. Device control is first come, first serve, so show up on time and get in the queue if you want to virtually play with the 10 Friskies’ felines.

And if you get really attached to one of the 10 cats, don’t worry, they are all up for adoption through MeoowzResQ, a non-profit cat rescue and adoption organization in Orange County, Calif.

Friskies is also recording video each day from the Playhouse and plans on posting their favorite moments on YouTube.


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