Moon People – Is This The Worst (Or Best) First Page Of A Book Ever?

Moon People

minted methodshopHave you ever thought about writing a book one day? If you’re looking for a little “if they can do, then I can do it” inspiration, then pick up a book called Moon PeopleDale M. Courtney is the “writer” of this particular opus, but after reading the first page of Moon People, you may be wondering, ‘Was Peter Griffin from Family Guy Courtney’s editor?’

Moon People: Plot

Moon People is about a high school teacher who ends up participating in a galactic battle due to events that take place after a NASA Space Shuttle launch on Halloween.

The ridiculous plot aside, the book is filled with rAndOm caPitalizatioNs, odd sentence structure and an abusive use of a’post’ro’phe’s.’

Moon People

Moon People’s Unothadox Writing Style

Moon People won’t be winning any literary awards, but the book’s “unique” writing style has certainly captured the attention of Amazon customers. People are enthusiastically reviewing Moon People and some of their comments are as good as the book. Although mostly negative, all this attention can’t be all that bad for sales.

minted methodshop

Here are a few of our favorite user reviews:

  • “I did not Know that books could be this Good i mean I really liked to read it It was good to Read.” ~D. Kennepohl
  • “This is a book. And Also its a Good book, one to read. The auther who goes by the Name of Daryl M. Corteney really has a nack for Good science Fiction telling. Also the Story.” ~Sloat Fresno
  • “This book is Beautifully written with many Words.” ~mju
  • “I have to say that I’m disappointed. Thought this was an instructional manual. Now I’m $15.99 lighter and I still don’t know how to moon people.” ~mmdriscoll01

Where To Buy The Moon People Book

If you’re still feeling adventurous, you can buy the Moon People book on Amazon for $15.99 paperback, or $3.03 Kindle.

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