How To Make Your Own LOL Cats Pictures [tutorial]

Rose After LOL Catted from Big Huge Labs

Patrick Stewart's Cat

You see these pictures all the time. It started with a series of cats that said funny things. Since then it’s moved to dogs, people and other objects where a funny line can be created. This tutorial will show you how to do it with multiple versions of software.

Picture We Are Using

Rose the Cat
Rose the Cat

This is Rose the Cat. She is a friend of mines cat. One day I went over to his house and Rose was perched on the garage roof. I took a picture using my iPhone5. You can use this photo to test. If you do use it, please refer to twitter @geekazine.

From Your PC – Paint

Paint is the easiest way to create this. There are a few problems with this option. Once the text is created and placed, it is no longer adjustable or changeable unless you delete that section (which you lose part of the picture if you do).

From Your Mac

There is no native app. But don’t worry. There are many free options out there.


GIMPis an Open Source image editor. GIMP is free and available for Mac, PC and multiple Linux flavors.

A screenshot of the GIMP 2.2.8 raster graphic ...
A screenshot of the GIMP 2.2.8 raster graphic software. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)



Photoshop is pay software that also lets you put print on top of your picture. It’s available for PC and Mac. Photoshop is one of the most popular image software programs out there.

To make the meme:

  1. Open the picture
  2. Choose a new Text Layer
  3. Select font (usually Impact) and font size. Type in text.
  4. If more than one line, create another text layer and repeat.
  5. In layer properties, choose to outline text 3 px black.
  6. When ready, save picture for web.

Online Software

I found the website LOLCat Generator at Big Huge Labs. It asks you to upload the picture, put in the left and right text. You can even put their watermark if you want to acknowledge you created the picture there. This option gives no customization beyond placement – but who needs to customize it?

Another application is called ROFLBot.

Rose After LOL Catted from Big Huge Labs

iPad or iPhone

There are a couple options for your iPad or iPhone. Photoshop makes a PS version for the iPad. I have used this option to create quick images. It supports layers so you can set up the picture right.

The LOLCatMaker Free is another application you can download for your iPhone or iPad to turn those quick snaps into LOLCat masterpieces. It also has limited options for text and placement.


There are several Meme generators out there at the Android app store. Including this one – Meme Generator. Best part of this app is you can choose from a host of pictures or upload your own.

Recommended Fonts, Colors to Create Your LOL Cat Meme

The recommended font is usually what’s called “Impact“. It has a boldness to it so the text shows out. Other fonts can be used – make sure you have bold versions of those fonts. Fonts with decoration can be harder to read.

Impact Font
Impact Font

The font color is almost always white. Lighter pastels can also work like a yellow or light green. When you use these fonts, remember to outline the font. 3 pt. black is a good outline to make the text stand out.

Position of Text – Open Space Around Object

The biggest caveat is to make sure the text doesn’t cover the prime spots of the image. Top left and bottom right usually work. If the image has no open space to put text, you do risk losing the humor in the image.

minted methodshop
This picture gives us very limited open space to put text around. Covering the cat with text could kill the meme idea.

Make sure if you are taking the picture to be meme’d you have open space around the cat.

Spelling and Grammar

The cool thing about LOL Cat memes is you can be grammatically incorrect. The original idea is it’s coming from the cat (dog or whatever the object). “I Can Haz” in place of I want, “Ate” instead of eat, “Rockstah” instead of Rockstar, etc.

The phonetic spelling takes precedence over correct spelling. Replacing “S” with “Z”.

The one thing you want to make sure of is your point gets across. Sometimes you have a great idea for a LOLCats but don’t put down the right words. I suggest you write down 5-6 different ways to get your point across and chose the best one that does it.

Watermarking your Meme?

Some people do. If your picture is 100% original then go for it. If the photo is not yours, you might get in trouble for using the photo – even if you didn’t make a dime off the picture. Use caution when putting your own watermark on it.

Posting your LOLCat Meme

That’s the easy part. You can choose to submit to LOLCatz itself. You can also post to Facebook, Google+, Twitter, Reddit, Instagram (to give it a cool camera image), Flickr (if the image isn’t copyrighted), Picasa or a host of other sites.

Sometimes you can post to win contests of your LOLCat. Other times its just for good karma.

Send Me Your Version of Rose

If you Meme Rose, please send us the picture! Twitter @Methodshop with the image. If we get enough memes, I’ll post them! That is it! Sit back, enjoy that meme you created. Either that or go to the next cat meme.

minted methodshop