The Ultimate Whip Its Party – These People Need To Lay Off The Nitrous Oxide

The Ultimate Whip Its Party

When you look at a can of whipped cream, do you think a) let’s buy some dessert or b) Whip-Its! If you chose B, you’re not alone. The small gas canister inside cans of whipped cream (pictured above) is full of nitrous oxide, more commonly called “laughing gas.” Although commonly used by dentists to anesthetize patients during dental surgery, the gas is a popular way for people to get a cheap high.

NERD NOTE: Whippits, sometimes spelled whippets or whipits, are cartridges of nitrous oxide used to charge whipped cream dispensers. Some people misuse whippits to get high.

Even actress Demi Moore is allegedly a fan of Whip-Its. According to ABC News, Her hospitalization in January was reportedly due to a Whip-It overdose.

Part of what makes Whip-Its so popular is their accessibility. Canisters can be purchased anywhere including head shops, restaurant supply stores or even taken out of a whipped cream bottle from the supermarket.

We spotted the above image of a giant bag of Whip-It canisters outside a residential building on 5th Avenue in New York City. Apparently someone had a major Whip-Its party. At least they’re recycling!

How do you feel about Whip-Its? Please post a comment below. And if you want to learn more about Whip Its, here’s a news piece below.

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