Flying Debris Almost Kills Spectators During Building Demolition

Safety isn't exactly a priority in the Czech Republic.

Most people love a good building demolition. It’s even become a tourist attraction in Las Vegas as smaller older casinos make way for new mega-casinos. But American safety protocols always keep spectators away at a safe distance. They also require safety fences around sites to both keep people from getting inside the site as well as debris from coming out. However, in the Czech Republic, safety isn’t as strict.

Couple Nearly Dies During Building Demolition

In this YouTube video, a Czechia couple from Prostejov narrowly escapes death during this building demolition. A flying piece of concrete about the size of a softball narrowly misses their heads.

Here’s a freeze frame of the concrete rock debris in mid-air.

Flying Concrete Chunk During Building Demolition

Via Gizmodo

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