The 35th Anniversary of The Empire Strikes Back

It’s hard to believe but 35 years ago today (May 21, 1980), Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back was released in theaters. Although the film opened to mixed reviews by critics, it was the highest-grossing film of 1980 and has earned more than $538 million dollars in the last 35-years. It’s currently the 12th-highest-grossing film in North America. Its predecessor, Star Wars, is #2.

Here’s the original theatrical trailer for The Empire Strikes Back which debuted in the fall of 1979. Star Wars fans might recognize some footage in the trailer that was cut from the final film, including a kiss between Luke and Leia (incest alert!) and C-3PO removing a warning sticker from a door in the Rebel base on Hoth. Also, you might recognize the trailer’s voiceover talent… Harrison Ford!