From smog and oil spills, to plastic islands of trash, here are some of the saddest pollution photos we found online. Warning: These pollution photos will probably make you cry.

1Bird Explodes from Eating Plastic

Photo via Extremisimo

Plastic pollution creates a deadly chain reaction in our environment. When fish eat the plastic, they pass it on to the birds. This albatross exploded from all of the garbage that he ingested.

2Bird Trapped in a Plastic Coffin

Photo via Daily Mail

This poor bird is trapped inside a plastic bag. Approximately 500 billion plastic bags are used every year across the world, that’s about 1 million every hour. And many of them make their way to our waterways and oceans.

3Smog Blackouts in China

Photo via BBC

A heavy smog enveloped China in 2014 causing blackouts and traffic jams of epic proportions.

4Photoshopping Hong Kong’s Skyline

Photo via Fark

Here’s a creative solution to Hong Kong‘s air pollution problem: Taking a photo against a printed Photoshopped skyline. Ahh, look at that beautiful crisp blue sky. {cough}

5Paris’ Smog Tower

6Even Fish Can’t Survive in Rio’s Polluted Waters

Photo via

If fish can’t even survive in Brazil‘s polluted waters, how do you think the 2016 Summer Olympic athletes felt? Many neighborhoods in Rio still don’t have sewer lines. Homes just expel their toilets through open pipes into Rio’s sewer canals that drain out to sea.

7Covered in a Layer of Dead Fish

Photo via iefimerida

Nope, that’s not a gravel road. That’s a solid mass of dead fish. So many fish have died in these photos that they create a massive layer on the surface of the water.

Photo via iefimerida

8Homeless Koala

Photo via softpedia

This sad koala in Vittoria State Forest, New South Wales doesn’t know where to go after deforestation in Australia turned his tree home into a pile of splinters.

9Mount Everest: Garbage Dump

Photo via Reddit

Even Mount Everest has a trash problem. The wealthy adventurers who climb the mountain are known for leaving large amounts of garbage and human waste behind. Sadly local volunteers must climb up and take out their trash for them. The human waste is a different story. Decades of frozen feces still litter the mountain and sometimes take centuries to break down. If you plan on climbing Mount Everest, be careful where you dig in the snow for drinking water and don’t dig deep.

10Copper Mine Contaminates Chinese River

Photo via WSJ China

In July 2010, heavy rains flooded Zijin Mining‘s copper mine in Shanghang, China and overflowed into the Ting River. The toxic mine water killed off massive amounts of fish and made a major waterway in southeast China’s Fujian province unuseable.

11Oil Pipeline Accident Cripples Gulf of Thailand

Photo via MediaFax

Oil from a pipeline leak covered Thailand’s famous Ao Phrao beach in July 2013. The oil slick resulted in the countless death of sea and marine life and crippled tourism as visitors fled the Gulf of Thailand.

12Oil Pump Farm

Photo via mark gamba

Chevron‘s Kern River Oil Field in the outskirts of Bakersfield, California, is now a dry and barren oil field. It’s one of the densest oil developments in the United States.

13Penguins Covered in Oil

14The Great Pacific Garbage Patch

15China’s Massive Algae Blooms

16Sea of Red

If you thought China’s green algae was strange, that’s nothing compared to Australia’s red algae which are high in ammonia and can cause skin irritation.

17Toxic Red Dye River

18Bird Soaked in Oil

19Turtle Dies from Oil Spill

This turtle died as the result of a spill from the Prestige oil tanker off the northwestern coast of Spain in December 2002.

20Seal Trapped in a Can

21Surfing Through Waves of Trash

22Swimming in Trash

Photo via Green Bag Lady

A boy swims through trash-filled waters in the Philippines, one of the most polluted nations in the world.


23River of Trash

A child stands next to an actual river of trash near the city of Manila, capital of the Philippines.

24Wading Through Trash

25How Trash Can Deform Turtles

26Plastic Ring Creates Deformed Turtle