Great news for Amazon Prime subscribers who also own an Apple TV. Amazon‘s Prime Video service has finally been added to Apple TV. The Prime Video app can now be downloaded from the tvOS app store and will be available in over 100 countries. The announcement comes after years of frustrating negotiations between the two tech companies.

A Better Way To Watch Amazon Prime Video on Apple TV

Unlike the Netflix app with is available on all major mobile and Connected TV devices, Amazon’s Prime Video was banned from Apple TV prior to this announcement. Amazon Prime subscribers had to AirPlay Prime Video content from their iOS devices on their Apple TV. An extremely inconvenient way to watch our favorite Amazon Prime Video content.

An Early Christmas Present To Apple TV Users

We knew this announcement was coming, but not exactly when. Back in June, Apple CEO Tim Cook said that the deal would be finalized before the end of 2017. The streaming service will now be available for Apple TV’s 4K set-top models as well as third-generation models of the device.