Butane vapes are a rare kind of vaporizer. Many tobacco and marijuana users have never ever heard of them, let alone used one. The dominant form of the vaporizer is the electric vaporizer. Undoubtedly effective, the recent improvements in batteries have made even the smallest portable devices capable of giving excellent vaping results. Conduction and convection electric vaporizers are powerful, precisely controlled and easy to use, so why look at a butane vaporizer?

How Does a Butane Vaporizer Work?

A standard butane powered vaporizer is a conduction vaporizer. It heats the material in the chamber through direct contact. Not through hot air forced through the chamber like in a convection device. A tiny butane flame is lit underneath the chamber, which heats it very quickly and efficiently.

Here Are 11 Advantages Of Using A Butane Vaporizer vs an Electric Vaporizer

The best butane vapes heat your wax, concentrate or herbs up very fast. How fast? Faster than even an electric conduction vaporizer. They are really powerful, giving an almost instant hit. Put your mouth over the mouthpiece, hit the button and you are good to go in just a few seconds. No charge time, no waiting for it to heat up, just a really consistently good hit, almost instantly.

  1. No Batteries. Electric vaporizers use batteries that only last 2 or 3 years at the most with regular use. Even the best lithium-ion batteries can only handle maybe 500 charge cycles before they need replacing. Or worse, exploding into a fireball. But butane powered vaporizers don’t need batteries. If you are looking for longevity, a butane vaporizer might just be the thing for you.
  2. Control is easy with a butane vaporizer. Some have several pre-sets you can choose from, others let you adjust the temperature manually. Butane gas technology has been refined for well over 100 years, and the results of that process can be seen here. A butane vaporizer offers the user a very consistent experience.
  3. Lightweight vapes are getting better and better, but few are as lightweight as a butane vape. Some major producers make theirs from wood and glass, with minimal heavy metal parts. The gas canister itself is small and light, making it very easy to transport.
  4. Durable. Butane vapes have no electrical circuits that can get damaged. Just tough gas pipes and a heating chamber. This makes them able to withstand years of heavy use. Electric vaporizers tend to degrade with time, eventually dying when the solder goes, or the plastic degrades. Not so with butane vapes. You could imagine taking a butane vape on an expedition and it surviving – water won’t kill it, drops and knocks do nothing and butane is easy to find anywhere.
  5. Availability. Getting a refill for your butane vape is easy. Most large supermarkets sell butane refills. Butane can also be found at many camping, hardware, and convenience stores.
  6. Cheap To Use. Joule for joule, gas is roughly 4x cheaper than electricity. So it is more economical to use a butane vs electric device. They use really small amounts of fuel, so refilling them doesn’t happen that often (much less than you will have to charge your electric vape). And when you do have to refuel, it’s very cheap to do so.
  7. Price. Definitely, in the competitive range, a butane vape will not set you back more than $200 (£150), even for a really good one. A butane vape is not the best vaporizer on the market, but for the price, they are tough to beat.
  8. Flavour. The crucial element in any vaporizer is how good it tastes when you take a hit. The butane never reaches the chamber, it is kept entirely separate. So you will never get a butane taste when using. That said, the flavor of a butane vape is slightly different. Just like when cooking, a gas oven and an electric oven give different results. The same is true here. After trying it, many people prefer gas vs electric.
  9. Novelty. Butane vapes are still rare and will turn a lot of heads. Use one around a bunch of people and you will soon have an appreciative crowd cooing over your new device and wanting a try. They are serious tools for medicating and enjoying the effects of your herbs, waxes or oils.
  10. Capability. Due to the conduction heating chamber, most butane vapes will vape anything including shatter, wax, oil or herb. Of course, only go with what the manufacturer recommends. But rest assured, you are getting high value and versatile device when you get a butane vape.
  11. Maintenance. No moving parts and incredible simplicity make these devices easy to clean and maintain. No circuit boards to keep dry either.

Best Butane Vaporizer Manufacturers

Sticky Brick and Hammer PRO are the two main producers of the best butane vaporizers on the market. They both offer small portable vapes and high-quality butane vapes. The Hammer PRO employs conduction/convection heating and gives excellent vapor. The Sticky Brick is a unique wood and glass vaporizer. Both are extremely economical when it comes to the amount of fuel used and the quantity of vapor produced.

Portable Butane Vaporizers

There are other types of butane vaporizers. Some are smaller, portable vaporizers like the VapCap or Vapocane that need a cigarette lighter or another butane source to heat the chamber externally.

Extremely small and discreet, the VapCap devices take a tiny amount of dab, wax or shatter, heat up until you hear a click, then you take your hit. Convenient and surprisingly high quality.

The Vapocane is a glass butane dry herb vaporizer that uses a lighter to heat a glass bulb that then heats the air inside, which passes through into the herb chamber. This is a convection heater and gives very high-quality vapor as a result. It is also extremely cheap for the delicious vapor it delivers.

The WISPR 2 is an awesome pocket-sized vape that features an Iolite patented butane heat source that helps deliver vapor more efficiently compared to other handheld vaporizers. Designed and made in Ireland by Oglesby & Butler.

Iolite WISPR 2 - Butane Vaporizer
The Iolite WISPR 2 pocket-sized butane vaporizer.

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