The Pick Punch Collar Stay Punch is a fun novelty item that creates collar stays out of old plastic cards like credit cards, gift cards, and hotel keys. Just insert an old card into the puncher and press down hard like a big stapler. As soon as you hear a snap noise, a 2.5″ long collar stay will pop out of Pick Punch Collar Stay Punch. Flip-up your collar, stick some in your dress shirt and Viola! No more saggy collars.

Practical Desk Toy

My wife got me the Pick Punch Collar Stay Punch for Christmas. I was so excited and knew exactly where I was going to keep it: At work. The Pick Punch Collar Stay Punch has a permanent place on my desk at the office. To make sure I stay well-stocked, I also keep a coffee mug of cards and a shot glass full of extra collar stays nearby. It’s a very practical and fun desk toy.

Pick Punch Collar Stay Punch
Photo of my desk: Sub Pop Records coffee mug full of cards ready to be recycled into collar stays, Pick Punch Collar Stay Punch, Game Boy (1989), shot glass full of recycled collar stays, various cards.

Now everyone in my office knows where to go when they forget their collar stays. My wife unknowingly solved an annoying problem not just for me, but my entire office building.

Why Do We Always Lose Collar Stays?

Even though all new dress shirts come with collar stays, we always lose or forget them. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve noticed that I was missing a collar stay after I was already at work.

Why do we lose them so frequently? We have to take them out when we dry clean our dress shirts. And if we forget to take them out, the dry cleaner takes them out for us and we don’t get them back. As a result, we are usually missing collar stays.

Save Your Old Cards

Once you own a Pick Punch Collar Stay Punch, it won’t take long to find cards that you can use to punch into collar stays. Here are some examples:

  • Junk Mail: You probably get fake credit cards in your junk mail on a regular basis. For example, I frequently get fake cards in junk mail sent to my house for MasterCard and HughesNet.
  • Hotels: Every time you stay in a hotel, you’ll probably accidentally come home with your old room key.
  • Gift Cards: After you use the credit on a gift card, you usually have 2 options: throw it away, refill it. The Pick Punch Collar Stay Punch now gives you a third option: reuse it as collar stays.
  • Membership Cards: My family recently went to a bowling alley called Fat Cats that had a small arcade. But the games didn’t take quarters. You had to fill up a card to use at the machines. When we were done playing, I had an extra card to use in my Collar Stay Punch.

Pick Punch Collar Stay Punch

Great Gift Idea: Collar Stay Punch

At only about $20, the Pick Punch Collar Stay Punch is a fun and affordable gift idea for anyone who wears a lot of dress shirts and needs collar stays.

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