Looking for something besides a little black dress to wear to your holiday parties? Here are some cute holiday dress ideas that are sure to get you lots of compliments.

1Candy Cane Print Christmas Wrap Dress

Shinesty’s Candy Cane Print Christmas Wrap Dress

This cute light blue candy cane dress ($70) will have everyone thinking at you like you’re a Christmas present. The candy cane pattern looks just like wrapping paper. The only downside of this dress is how often you’ll be asked to take tear it off.

2Gingerbread Sweater Dress

Tipsy Elves Women’s Gingerbread Sweater Dress

This gingerbread sweater dress mini skirt ($60) is cute and ugly at the same time. A brown dress may not normally be your first color choice. But there’s something fun about being a walking gingerbread cookie. Plus it’s so short that it’s just cute.

3Christmas Reindeer Sweater Dress

Christmas Reindeer Sweater Dress By Tipsy Elves

If you prefer bright and colorful holiday dresses, then you’ll love this cute Christmas reindeer sweater dress ($55). This dress is perfect for your next Ugly Christmas Sweater party or holiday pub crawl.

4The Lincoln Log Sexy Christmas Dress: Red And Green Plaid

The Lincoln Log Sexy Christmas Dress By Shinesty

Although this cute red and green plaid Christmas party dress ($70) might make people wonder if you’re wearing a blanket, it’s both flirty and colorful. Wear it out to your hometown dive bar while you’re in town for the holidays for that classic needle drop moment when you walk inside the door. Who is that cute girl in the plaid dress? Oh, look, it’s you.

What To Wear To A Holiday Party – Cute Holiday Dress Ideas

When picking out an outfit for a holiday party, it’s tempting to just go with the standard little black dress. But, what to wear to a holiday party doesn’t always have to be “by the book”. Sometimes it’s fun to get adventurous. Hopefully, these cute holiday dress ideas inspired you to get a little wild. Speaking of wild, don’t forget to get some holiday underwear. On second thought, maybe forget. Happy holidays!

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