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As a podcaster, videographer and blogger, Jeffrey works to convey the geek message. Inspired and passionate about tech and geek life. As a musician, Jeffrey loves to rock the house.
Woman Blogging in WordPress

How To Remove Site Name From Page Titles in WordPress

How to remove site name from page titles is WordPress: By default, your site name is added to your page titles. Removing it is an easy fix. Here's how.
SXSW 2013

Top #Fail of #SXSW (and a Couple #unFAIL)

It was a fun and productive SXSW for me. For others it saw some heartache and pain. Things that didn't go right because of...

How To Use Your iPad Mini As A Phone – Tutorial

Need to turn your iPad mini into a phone? Here are a few apps you can use not to mention bluetooth devices to make your call more private.
Holiday Travel

10 Must Have Gadgets for Holiday Travelers

So you are going "over the river and through the woods" to Grandmother's house for the holidays? Here are some gadgets that can make your holiday travel experience more enjoyable.

The End of the Twinkie as we Know it – Hostess to Close

Hostess, the company that makes the Twinkie, is all over the news lately. Instead of giving in to striking employees they are liquidating the company. Killing...
Tablet Apps

Kindle Fire vs iPad Mini – The Ultimate Comparison

Here's a detailed comparison between the two major tablets: Kindle Fire vs iPad Mini. Hopefully, this info will help you decide which tablet to buy.

Streaming Wars: Apple TV vs Google, Boxee, Roku, XBox360, PS3 [Comparison]

You might have heard about cutting your cord because of "Over the Top Television". This is the ability to get programming on your TV...
iPhone Kitchen Assistant

20 Innovative Ways To Repurpose Your Old iPhone or iPad

Wondering what to do with your old iPhone? Don't throw it out, yet. Here are some creative ways that you can repurpose your old smartphone or tablet.

How To Make Your Own LOL Cats Pictures [tutorial]

We look at different programs you can use to turn your cat pictures into LOLCats memes.

10 Things to Look For When Buying a Smartphone

Buying a new smartphone can really be a confusing process. There are so many new options to chose from. New companies. New phones. New operating systems. New apps. So what should you buy? Android? iPhone? Windows Phone? Blackberry?! Let's review the most important things that should be part of your consideration process before buying a new smartphone.

What do I Do When I Don’t Have Kids, Kittens or Puppies to Viral...

First, watch this cute video about Anakin, the two-legged kitten who plays with a ball. Awww! Isn't he cute? Makes you wish you had...

Why I Switched from an iPhone to the Nokia Lumina 900

Five years ago today, the first generation iPhone (also known as the iPhone EDGE) was released to the public. People stood in lines to...

Can the Microsoft Surface Compete with the iPad?

Microsoft announces the Surface Tablet, which it's Pro version runs like a desktop. Will this change the tablet game?

Apple Wants to Own Your TV

We're a couple hours from WWDC keynote, and it' no secret that Apple will be announcing a new version of the Apple TV -...

6 Reasons to get Mac AntiVirus Software

For years you might have heard that Mac doesn't need anti-virus because their security is pretty tough to bypass. However, that information is not...
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