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I'm a freelance writer with ten years of experience writing articles and article reviews. My blog URL address is http://peoplepower.ning.com
This Angry Irish Woman Doesn't Like Irish Pick Up Lines

10 Terrible Irish Pick Up Lines That Will Probably Get You Slapped

If you're Irish and you love bad pick up lines, then you'll love this list. Warning: Use these bad Irish pick up lines at...
Funny Diaper Messages

60 Funny Diaper Messages That Will Make Parents Laugh

These funny diaper messages are sure to make your partner smile the next time it's their turn to change your baby in the middle of the night.
Christmas Holiday Gifts

Top 50 Must-Have Toys of the 2018 Holiday Season

Grab your nice list and your credit card, here are our 2018 predictions of what the hottest toys will be this Christmas and holiday season.
Irish Jokes

30 Really Funny Irish Jokes That Will Make You Smile

Here are the funniest Irish jokes that I know. They are guaranteed to bring a smile to your face and brighten your day. Enjoy!
Rejected Irish Music

10 Rejected St. Patrick’s Day Playlist Songs

Are you planning a St. Patrick's Day party? Have you thought about music yet? Do yourself a favor and make sure none of these songs make it onto your party playlist. Too poppy. Too cheesy. Or maybe just too loosely considered Irish. These songs didn't make the cut when compiling songs for our Must Have Songs on Your St. Patrick's Day Playlist article. Instead they made the rejected list. Here's our list of Rejected St. Patrick's Day Playlist Songs.
Brain MRI

Brain Training Apps – Do They Actually Work?

people are reaching for their smartphones to keep their brains in top condition. But, for all their glamor and noise, do these brain training apps actually work?

8 Samsung Phones that Apple Wants Banned in the US

Fresh off the heels of its legal victory over Samsung last week, Apple named 8 Samsung smartphones yesterday that it wants pulled from stores and...
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