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Champagne Cheers

11 Fun New Year’s Traditions (In Order Of Execution)

Here are some fun New Year's traditions listed in chronological order that span New Year's Eve to New Year's Day and beyond.
Squirrel Boxer Briefs - Funny Underwear For Men That Will Make Your Partner Smile

5 Pairs Of Funny Underwear For Men That Will Make Him Smile

Here are some outrageous examples of funny underwear for men that will make both of you crack a smile every time he opens his underwear drawer or pulls down his pants.
Santa Laugh: Funny Christmas Card Sayings

10 Funny Christmas Card Sayings To Write Inside Your Holiday Cards

Here are some funny Christmas card sayings, messages, and quotes to write inside your Holiday cards this year. Merry Christmas!
Three Kings

30 Religious Christmas Card Messages To Share With Your Friends And Family

Celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ by writing lots of religious Christmas card messages this holiday season.
Pee-Wee's Big Adventure - Anniversary

I’m a Quoter, Dottie, A Rebel: 6 Great Pee-Wee’s Big Adventure Quotes

These Pee-Wee's Big Adventure quotes will help you remember all the outlandish fun of Pee-Wee and his pals. Take the adventure now.
Cute Holiday Dress Ideas - What To Wear To A Holiday Party

4 Cute Holiday Dress Ideas – What To Wear To A Holiday Party

Looking for something besides a little black dress to wear to your holiday parties? Here are some cute holiday dress ideas that are sure to get you lots of compliments.
Affordable Men's Cufflinks

7 Classy And Affordable Men’s Cufflinks Under $10

These men's cufflinks are both stylish and affordable. It's not easy finding cheap cufflinks that still look classy, but every item on this list is under $10.
Apocalypse Now Quotes

The Horror: 3 Apocalypse Now Quotes To Put The Fear Of God In You

Apocalypse Now is a harrowing movie, one we are still reliving just like the characters in the movie relive the war. These Apocalypse Now quotes are reminders.
Two-Factor Authentication Apps (2FA)

Did You Buy A New Smartphone? Move Your Two-Factor Authentication Apps ASAP!

Here's how to migrate your Google Authenticator app settings and any other two-factor authentication apps that you might be using to your new phone.
Indiana Jones Quotes - Indiana Jones Snakes

6 Epic Indiana Jones Quotes To Help Inspire Your Next Life Adventure

Where better to find inspiration than from everyone's favorite fictional archaeologist and explorer, Indiana Jones. Check out these Indiana Jones quotes to help inspire your next adventure!
Netflix Roku and Netflix Samsung Errors

Why Both Your Netflix Samsung TV And Netflix Roku Apps May No Longer Work...

On December 1, 2019, thousands of Samsung Smart TV and Roku owners are all going to start wondering the same thing: Why did the Netflix Roku and Netflix Samsung apps stop working? Here's why.
eBay Shipping Label Refund

How To Request An eBay Shipping Label Refund

Can you get a refund on an eBay shipping label? Yes. Here's a tutorial on how to request an eBay shipping label refund.
Video Production Set

Free Filming In Progress And Model Release Form Templates

Here are some general tips and both area-wide crowd release and model release form templates to use at your next photoshoot or video production.
Carving Pumpkins With Noel Dickover

The Best Pumpkin Carvings You’ve Seen Online Were All Probably Done By Noel Dickover

The best pumpkin carvings you've seen online were all probably carved by one person, Noel Dickover.
Ashlee Simpson's Lip Sync Fail 15 Years Later

Revisiting The Ashlee Simpson SNL Lip-Sync Fail – 15 Years Later

On October 23, 2004, Ashlee Simpson entered pop culture infamy when she was exposed lip-syncing on Saturday Night Live (SNL). Here's a look back at the Ashlee Simpson SNL lip-sync incident and its aftermath.
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