Jupiter Research Stupidly Claims That Consumers Are Not Interested In Mobile Video (2004)

Sony PSP

Would you rather listen to music or watch a movie while on the go? According to a new Jupiter Research report, European consumers want music rather than movies on their mobile devices. Personally, I think this report doesn’t make any sense. Why wouldn’t you want video on the go? I can’t wait for the Sony PSP to get released next month that’s capable of playing games, music, and movies. And of course the rumored iPod Video from Apple (fingers crossed). Jupiter Research needs to carefully examine the idiots that they are surveying.

Europeans Don’t Want to Watch Mobile Video

The Jupiter Research analysis of the portable media player market found that only 13% of Europeans want to watch video while out and about. However, in contrast, almost 1/3 are interested in listening to music on a portable player such as an iPod. The firm said gadget makers should avoid hybrid devices and instead make sure music reproduction was as good as possible.

This Jupiter Research Report Is Stupid

I can’t disagree more with these findings from Jupiter Research. Although walking and watching a movie is less than practical, I think companies like Apple, Sony, and Microsoft will put major efforts in portable video players. Although Europe has been very progressive in their adoption of mobile phone technology, they are usually behind the United States with big trends.

The next time you are on a plane, would you rather just listen to music? Or would you rather watch a movie or TV show? The future is video despite what Jupiter Research says.

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