iPod Nano Commercial

    iPod Nano Commercial 1UPDATE: You can see the September 2007 Apple iPod Nano ad set to the song “1234” by Leslie Feist here.

    Apple has released a downloadable QuickTime movie of the iPod Nano ad on their website.

    The iPod Nano commercial is a departure from Apple’s black silhouette dancer ads. It features just a hand flipping around the tiny Nano with the grace of a seasoned Las Vegas card dealer.

    And what iPod ad would be complete without a terrific soundtrack? The song featured in this commercial is called “Gimme That” by The Resource.

    Our friends at iPodStudio.com had this reaction to the new iPod Nano commercial:

    “Lots of hands and Nanos and amazingly, no silhouettes! Apple’s been running a pretty intense ad campaign to make the world aware of the latest addition to the iPod line and seems to think it might have a winner on it’s hands (pun?)… I’m guessing they’re right… again.minted methodshop

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