15 Strange Buses, Big Buses, and Unusual Trucks From Around The World

Here’s a fun collection of strange buses, big buses, and unusual trucks from around the world.

1Bike Bus

Fasten your seatbelts kids!

Here’s a “bike bus” from India. Although the name of the public school might be Ideal, their buses aren’t. It looks like a rusty cage. Fasten your seatbelts kids!

2Classic New York City Street Buses

3The JL421 Badonkadonk Land Cruiser Tank

4Chinese Long Bus

5Train Bus

6Cat Bus From My Neighbor Totoro

7Duck Boat Bus

8Drag Racing School Bus

9The Hookah Bus

10Mickey Mouse Bus

11Cat and Dog Buses

12Jet Bus

The King On Wheels “Jet Bus” has a Westinghouse JW-34 motor and a 17.000 PK jet engine. It’s probably a good idea not to tailgate this bus.

13School Bus Bike

14Sorry Bus

15Topsy – The Upside Down Bus