Stewart’s jokes aren’t bad news for CNN

Stewart's jokes aren't bad news for CNN 1CNN is often the butt of Jon Stewart’s jokes, but this time the cable news network is trying to get in on the action.

Wednesday night, the host of Comedy Central’s “Daily Show” took to the air with a three-minute segment spoofing CNN’s new “I-Report,” a service that invites viewers to submit their own videos, photos and news stories. He started the rant with a clip of a CNN commercial: “Ever wished you could say, ‘I report for CNN?'”

As the crowd giggled and Stewart slowly pondered the question, he retorted, “I’m going to go with ‘no.'”

But yesterday, in a surprise move, CNN officially made Stewart an “I-Report” correspondent, featuring the comedian’s routine as the top I-Report of the day on its Web site. Later in the day, Stewart’s video got bumped up even higher on the site as CNN played up the back-and-forth exchange with the playful headline, “Jon Stewart’s I-Report makes him a hottie.”