There’s a video of David Hasselhoff drunk eating a hamburger going viral right now. In the video, a shirtless Hasselhoff is eating a hamburger off the floor of a hotel room. The video was filmed by his daughter and posted online with Hasselhoff’s permission. She recorded it to help Hasselhoff see his drinking problem. But why would anyone want to be filmed drunk eating Wendy’s cheeseburgers and potentially hurt his relations with his family?

Hasselhoff Drunk Eating Video

Publicity Stunt for Don’t Hassle The Hoff?

The timing of this drunk eating video is very suspicious. The Hoff’s autobiography is coming out next week on May 15. Although embarrassing, the video is getting Hasselhoff a lot of free publicity.

The title of his book, by the way, is Don’t Hassle The Hoff. Jeez, it’s one thing for others to call you “The Hoff,” but calling yourself that? Don’t Hassle The Hoff has a lot of (supposedly) juicy details, including Hasselhoff’s revelation that he knows that Baywatch was a sexist show.

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