Hate tuning you guitar? Help is here thanks to the world’s first robot guitar from Gibson. After 10+ years of research, Gibson Guitar is debuting a limited edition “Les Paul Robot Guitar” that can not only keeps itself in tune, but also switch to nonstandard tunings with the press of a button.

“It will not make you a better guitar player but it will allow the average player to access some very sophisticated tunings,” Gibson Guitar Chief Executive Henry Juszkiewicz told reporters.

Les Paul Robot Guitar: Who Is The Audience?

Who does Gibson think will buy the Les Paul Robot Guitar? The company says that the robot guitar will have wide appeal with both amateurs and professionals. If you have trouble tuning your guitar, then just let the robot do it for you. And professional musicians and their techs who need multiple guitars with different tunings, will really find the guitar helpful especially for live performances.

“Professional guitar players use a lot of different tuning and people who listen to the stars wonder why they can’t reproduce the same sound themselves,” Juszkiewicz said.

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