MSNBC’s Super Tuesday Hype Inferno

MSNBC's Super Tuesday Hype Inferno 1This past Tuesday was “Super Tuesday” in the United States. Both the Republican and Democratic political parties held primary elections in 22 states to help decide which candidate would represent their parties in the upcoming November U.S. Presidential election.

On Tuesday’s episode of The Daily Show with Jon Stewart, Jon jokingly wondered “What’s bigger than Super Tuesday?” These are what the American cable news networks came up with and Jon Stewart’s reactions.

  1. Chris Matthews: “Super Duper Tuesday”
    Jon Stewart: “That’s kind of retarded… infantile.”
  2. CNN: “Super Fat Tuesday”
    Jon Stewart: “Well that’s certainly…. dope.”
  3. Fox News: “Tsunami Tuesday”
    Jon Stewart: “Yes I believe the plethora of state primaries is reminiscent of the sudden and horrific deaths of a quarter million people living on the Indian Ocean.”
  4. MSNBC: “Monster Super Tuesday”
    Jon Stewart: [Jon needs a fire extinguisher to hold off MSNBC’s hype inferno. Just watch the clip. It’s great.]

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