Google Lively

    Yesterday Google, Inc. announced a browser-based online world called “Google Lively.”

    The new service allows users to assume online characters known as avatars and wander around different virtual public settings such as coffee houses and tropical islands. Users can also create private rooms that can be decorated with virtual furniture, personalized picture frames and large-screen televisions that can play YouTube videos. Users can also upload their own music files to add a personalized soundtrack to their rooms.

    Google Lively 1

    To check it out, just head on over to the Google Lively landing page and download and install the Internet Explorer or Firefox browser plug-in. Then take a stroll around the various rooms in this new virtual world.

    Unfortunately Google Lively is currently only available for Window XP and Vista. Hopefully Google will make a Mac version soon.

    Google Lively 2

    In related news, the executive management team at SecondLife just crapped their pants.