Look carefully. The LEGO creations on this page aren’t made out of plastic bricks. They are actual culinary creations created by chefs. Here are some amazing LEGO cakes that you can actually eat.

01) LEGO Cupcakes

the original lego man
Photo via naomi on Flickr.

02) Giant Minifig Wedding Cake

Any guesses on where you should start cutting this cake?

LEGO Wedding cake
Photo via catapultsam on Flickr.

03) Toddler Birthday Cake

Happy 6th birthday Aidan! Is it weird if all of your friends now eat you?

Lego Birthday Cake
Photo via Kris Julius on Flickr.

04) Star Wars Cake

Incredible Star Wars themed LEGO cake. Everything is edible except the minifigs. Also, check out the Star Wars goodie bags in the background. I wish Russ Weakly was my dad.

Lego Cakes: Star Wars Lego cake
Photo via russweakley

05) Giant LEGO Bricks Cake

lego cake charley.salas@sbcglobal.net
Photo via charley salas on Flickr.

06) Slightly Melted LEGO Cake

We can’t tell if this was intentionally made this way or not. Or maybe it melted? Regardless, it looks delicious.

Slightly Melted LEGO Cake
Photo via twozdai on Flickr.

07) LEGO Wedding Cake

Why bake the cake yourself when you can have the LEGOs do it all for you?

Lego Wedding Cake
Photo via Jasmine Clouser on Flickr.

08) LEGO Bohrok from BIONICLE

The Bohrok is a creature from the LEGO series BIONICLE. The metallic coloring of the frosting on this cake is fantastic.

LEGO Bohrok Cake
Photo via doghillkitchen.

09) LEGO Firetruck Cake

Incredible side-by-side comparison of the cake replication and the original LEGO firetruck.

Cake & Lego Fire Truck Comparison III
Photo via tamaleaver

10) Princess Leia Cupcake

This Princess Leia cupcake by TheCakingGirl looks delicious!

Star Wars cupcakes, Princess Leia Cupcake
Photo via cakesbyjoanna

Source: thetoyzone

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