How To Make Celebrity Miis For The Nintendo Wii

How To Make Celebrity Mii Characters For The Nintendo Wii
Can you name all of these celebrity Mii characters for the Nintendo Wii? Weird Al Yankovic, Steven Tyler (Aerosmith), Willie Nelson, Lindsay Lohan, Ozzy Osborne, Kim Jun Il, David Bowie, Batman, Admiral Ackbar (Star Wars, Jack Black, Tom Cruise, Borat (Sacha Baron Cohen), and Michael Jackson.

The Nintendo Wii is a great console. It’s family friendly, fun and allows you to customize your characters, called Miis, used in many of the games.Nintendo Mii CHannel

The “Mii” is a brilliant concept. Instead of being some generic character in a game, you can be yourself. You can also make a celebrity look-alike Mii. So the next time you are playing Baseball on Wii Sports, you might end up with a celebrity Mii on your team like Oprah, Tom Cruise or Dwight from the NBC TV show The Office.

This tutorial will guide you through making a Mii and sharing it on the Internet as well as give you plenty of celebrity Mii ideas.

Tutorial: How to Make and Share Celebrity Mii’s for the Nintendo Wii

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