Look out Flickr! After years of neglect, Facebook has finally made Photos a priority. Just in the last 30 days, Facebook has released several new photo-related features including high-resolution uploads and a new drag-and-drop feature.

High-Resolution Photo Uploads

Last month Facebook enabled high-resolution photo uploads. Which totally makes sense. The average person taking pictures on a D-SLR doesn’t know how to open Adobe Photoshop and save lower resolutions photos for Facebook.


Facebook Drag and Drop Photo Organizing

Facebook’s latest Photos feature is drag-and-drop organizing. It was the #1 requested feature by Facebook users and something that Flickr has done really well for years. Now Facebook users can drag and drop and move their albums and photos into any order they desire. The feature was demonstrated by Tom Watson from Facebook’s Photos Team.

What do you think about the new drag-and-drop photos? Go jump on Facebook and give it a try.