Incredible Video of Inception’s Dream Layers in Real Time

Anyone who has seen the movie Inception will find this real time clip absolutely fascinating.

Inception in Real-TimeThe dream world from the movie Inception just got a little more complicated… or maybe less complicated. It’s hard to tell. YouTube user, Weikang, downloaded a copy of Inception and edited all the dreams together in a split screen so they happen in real-time. Anyone who has seen the movie Inception will find this clip absolutely fascinating.

Inception in Real Time

The first thing we noticed after watching the clip is that the van scene is only 5 minutes long. Just think, you just paid to watch a 5 minute movie (even though it is one of the best movies ever made). Christopher Nolan truly is a genius.

The spinning top in the controversial and ambiguous final scene to the film Inception.

The comments section under this video on YouTube has blown up. One of our favorite comments is from flameknight7: “It’s like a taco, within a taco, inside a Taco Bell, inside a KFC, that’s inside a mall that’s inside your dream!!!” Uh… we agree and just got really hungry at the same time.

Inception is a brilliant film with an incredible cast including Leonardo DiCaprio, Joseph Gordon-Levitt, Ellen Page, Tom Hardy, Tom Berenger and Michael Caine.

Anyway, here’s how to download the “Inception in Real-Time” video from YouTube and convert it to iTunes. Might be a good idea in case the movie studio takes the clip down.