Geocaching for Easter Eggs

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By now you’ve probably seen the commercial where the guy paints all the easter eggs camouflage.  When one kid finds the first egg, he shrugs it off as a lucky find.


Of course, we try to keep the egg hunt easy for the kids. Wouldn’t it be cool to have a hunt where its a little more intense? Wouldn’t it be cool to put some technology behind it?


Geocaching Easter Eggs


Geocaching is a sport that people play using their GPS device. It can be a smartphone or any device that can pinpoint map coordinates.


Here is how Geocaching works:


  1. The party planner sets a prize in a specific point. He maps the coordinates.
  2. The party planner sets “Clues” to this prize. He / she also maps coordinates.
  3. A “Starting point” is set where people get the first set of coordinates.
  4. The participants follow the clues to get to the prize.


With Easter, we could take this hunt to a new level. Put out a series of eggs for people to collect clues from. The winner, of course, gets all the candy.


To find out if there is a geocache hunt in your area, just go over to the geocache website and enter in your zip code. Or better yet, let the website figure out where you are. Then it’s off to find the prize.


Happy hunting!

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