MethodShop Superfan: Stuart Tracte – Beer Diplomat and Podcaster Sponsors Beer Diplomacy LIVEIf you “Like” us on Facebook, then you’ve probably already seen our “Superfan” feature in action. A few times a month, we single out some individuals in the MethodShop community for being awesome. Superfans get interviewed for our blog and their photo featured in our Facebook profile. There’s no official entry process. Just “Like” us on Facebook, tweet us, leave blog comments and engage. If you standout from the average reader, we’ll notice.

Please say hello to the latest MethodShop Superfan: Stuart Tracte


1) How did you first find out about

A little birdie named Jon Accarrino told me.


2) Do you know why you were chosen to be a MethodShop Superfan?

I think so, but if I told you, I’d have to kill you.


3) What is your favorite MethodShop article and why?

Hard to pick.  There are so many that suit so many different needs and moods. With that being said, I owe a debt of gratitude to Methodshop for being the first to show me this video of people catching laptops in their butts!


4) Why should people read MethodShop?

Fantastic tutorials, great news, the best of the internet, funny videos, but most of all, a great perspective on all things on the web. Super friendly in tone and doesn’t speak down to the audience.


5) Do you have any secrets that you want to share with our readers?

I recently discovered that I’d throw everything away to own and operate a little bar in Manhattan.


6) What is Beer Diplomacy?

Beer Diplomacy is a weekly round-table discussion about politics and social issues from the perspective of some of the most recognizable tech journalists, internet personalities, social media superstars, and the occasional stand-up comedian.  We try to keep it light and encourage our guests to drink a beer or some other alcoholic beverage to further lighten the mood.  It’s a fun time chatting about topics that are otherwise serious.  We DO make the occasional Sarah Palin joke…


7) Tell me about the upcoming partnership between Beer Diplomacy and

Beer Diplomacy is hosting a live and in person Internet Week show on Wednesday June 8th in NYC.  We will have a fantastic panel of guests incliding Jim Louderback of Revision 3, David Berkowitz of 360i, Internet visionary Josh Harris, and Peter Shankman, angel investor and founder of HARO. MethodShop has graciously offered to help out by providing beer for all guests in attendance.  That’s pretty damn awesome, if you ask me.  You can find more details about the show here.


8) Is there anything else I haven’t asked you that you want to add?

It is an honor to be named Superfan.  With my newly anointed title, I hope to change the world for the better. Also, why not give me a follow on Twitter at @stwo, and be sure to check out Beer Diplomacy!

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