Insane DIY iPod: Guy Stuffs Laptop In Pants And Connects Headphones

Want an iPod or iPhone with more storage? Make a DIY iPod. Just open up iTunes, grab some headphones and stuff your laptop down your pants like this guy! We can’t wait to see his solution to the iPad! Think he can stick a whole TV in his waistband?

The New iPod?
Cooking bacon in the kitchen with a DIY iPod made from a Dell laptop.

DIY iPod!?

What do you think about this creative DIY solution to the iPod? Tell us in the comments. Personally, I think stuffing a laptop down your waistband probably isn’t a good idea.  Especially since their batteries sometimes explode. But neither is cooking bacon while topless. Come on, dude. Hot grease on bare skin hurts. Put on a shirt!

Photo via dinot801