Finding Humor In The Confusion Between Arial Bold and Ariel Bold

Here’s a little bit of typography humor for all you graphic designers and font nerds out there. People mix up the Arial font with the name Ariel all the time. It’s an understandable mistake. There’s only a one letter difference between Arial and Ariel. But visually, what does the mistake, Ariel Bold vs Arial Bold, look like?

Ariel Bold vs Arial Bold

We all know the Ariel, the character from the Walt Disney film, The Little Mermaid. But do you know her sister Ariel Bold? Like the Arial Bold font, she’s thicker and much bolder in every way.

Arial vs Ariel Bold

Ariel Black vs Arial Black

We can’t wait to see Ariel’s other sister, Arial Black. We can only imagine what she might look like. Maybe cartoonist Jeff Swenson will draw us one.

The thickest and boldest version of the Arial font family, Arial Black.