Preventing Drunk Driving with the iPega iPhone Breathalyzer

This portable breathalyzer plugs right into the bottom of your iOS device and displays your 2 digit BAC (blood alcohol content) on the LCD screen.

iPega iPhone Breathalyzer

Most people keep their phones on them at all times (including when you’re drinking), which is why the iPega Alcohol Breathalyzer is so genius. This portable breathalyzer plugs right into the bottom of your iOS device (iPhone, iPod and iPad) and displays your 2 digit BAC (blood alcohol content) on the LCD screen. No need to use a blowpipe or a clumsy straw, just blow into the breathalyzer air hole. The compact design also makes it convenient to take anywhere, or store in your car’s glove compartment.

Preventing Drink Driving

Personally, I’ve purchased 2 of these iPhone iPega iPhone Breathalyzers. One to keep in my car and one to keep in my work bag. This allows me to double-check myself, anyone who might be driving my car, or anyone who might be driving me in their car.

I’ve also used my iPega breathalyzer for some “recreational” purposes. More on that below…

Compact Design

You’ve probably used, or at least seen, a breathalyzers before. In general, they tend be be big clunky devices – like the large “arcade like” machines you sometimes see in bars, or the breathalyzer guns that the police use if they suspect you of being under the influence.

Someone using a breathalyzerBreathalyzer
Until recently, “portable” and “breathalyzer” were two word that you didn’t exactly associate with each other. But as you can see, the iPega breathalyzer easily fits into the palm of your hand and is small enough to be taken anywhere.

Clean & Healthy

Besides portability, the other major issue with breathalyzers is cleanliness. Do you really want a bunch of people blowing spit and wrapping their lips around your personal breathalyzer? Probably not. But the designers of the iPega breathalyzer have removed the gross blowpipe and replaced it with a convenient hole that you blow in. Just blow into the hole and the iPega will display your BAC. This makes it both easy to use and sanitary.

iPhone Alcohol Breathalyzer

Easy to Use & Understand

Drunk driving laws vary around the world, but in the United States, driving with a BAC over 0.08% is illegal. There are BAC calculators on the Internet that can help you determine your limit based on your age, weight, and gender. Basically, anything over 2 drinks makes you too dangerous to get behind the wheel of an automobile.

If you’re too drink to remember that 0.08% is bad, then the iPega will do the thinking for you. If you blow anything between a 0.02% to 0.05% BAC, the iPega will display a Caution warning and beep at you. A Danger message gets displayed for anything between 0.05% to 0.08% BAC. And if you blow over 0.08%, then just throw your car keys away and sleep it off before someone gets hurt.

iPhone Alcohol Breathalyzer [review]

Drinking Games

Please don’t freak out, but in addition to using my iPega iPhone Breathalyzer for safety, I’ve also used it as part of some drinking games. I realize it’s kind of corrupting the whole point of an iPhone breathalyzer, but think of it this way: all my friends now think about their BAC before they get behind the wheel. Plus, you can’t imagine how much fun it is blowing into a breathalyzer to see who is more wasted while you’re playing beer pong or drunk chess.

at Beer pong (Drinking game)

iPhone Alcohol Breathalyzer [review]


  • Works with any iOS device (iPhone/iPad/iPod)
  • Alcohol results to 2 digits (.00%)
  • Caution warning at 0.02% to 0.05% BAC; Danger warning at 0.05% to 0.08% BAC
  • Offers sound alarm for excessive alcohol content
  • 0.9 inch LCD screen, it makes you see the test result clearly
  • Power supply is from iPhone, working voltage is 3.3V, the working circuit is 200mA

An iPhone Breathalyzer: Final Thoughts

The iPega iPhone breathalyzer is a clean and healthy way for both you, and anyone you might be in a car with, to quickly determine if it’s safe to drive or if you should call a cab instead. This is a brilliant way to use your iPhone to help prevent drunk driving… or just to have a little fun.

Buy: iPhone Alcohol Breathalyzer ($20)