Surveillance Video of Los Angeles Apple Store Smash and Grab Burglary

VIDEO: Suspects ram BMW through Apple Store window in brazen robbery

Security camera footage of a brazen smash and grab burglary at a Los Angeles Apple Store that resulted in the suspects’ luxury BMW ruined, and one suspect in jail.

VIDEO: Apple Store Burglary
BMW trapped inside the store

As you can see in the surveillance video, this “smash and grab” burglary did not according to plan. The thieves drove a BMW X5 through the front window of the Temecula, California Apple Store and then grabbed as many of the display items as possible. However, the security gate ended up falling behind the BMW trapping the car inside the Apple Store.

The driver then frantically attempts to ram the gate multiple times so they can escape. At one point, it looks like he’s about to run over one of his accomplices.

Police were able to apprehend at least one of the suspects. While the rest of the world was eagerly watching the iPhone 5 announcement yesterday, a Los Angeles man accused of being the driver was in court.

Only one suspect is in custody right now, but we’re wondering if the thieves had the presence of mind to disable the Find My iPhone app on all the iPhones/iPads they stole. If not, Apple can just their own software to track down the items.