5 Overlooked but Awesome iOS Apps [review]

If you were to ask the average iPhone user to name their favorite games, Angry Birds (Rio, Space, Star Wars, etc.), Draw Something or Zynga Poker are all probably on their list. But if you only play the top 10 games from the App Store’s charts, then you’re sure to miss out on some of the other great iOS apps out there.

Here’s our top 5 overlooked but awesome iOS apps for iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad. Hopefully you haven’t heard of all of these games before and discover something new… Have fun!

01) RaystormRaystorm - iOS

The second installment in the popular Ray series of arcade shooters by Taito (@TaitoCorp) is now available on the iOS. You can play in either iPhone mode or in full arcade mode complete with integrated on screen controls.

You can also choose auto or manual firing modes with auto mode allowing you to control the game with a single finger. If you love the Ray series of games, then you can’t miss RAYSTORM. Plus, it has a great soundtrack.

At $8.99, it’s a little pricey. But if you love arcade style shooters, then definitely checkout Raystorm.

App Store Link: Raystorm, $8.99 (iOS 3.2+)


02) Modern Combat 3: Fallen Nation

Modern Combat 3: Fallen Nation - game iconThe Modern Combat series of games are among the best on the iOS. And Modern Combat 3: Fallen Nation definitely breaks new ground for FPS games on the mobile platform. You can of course play in single player campaign mode, but the game excels in the multi-player mode that has the capability for up to 12 players in a single game.

It’s like Call of Duty, but on your iPhone. It’s also AirPlay compatible. So you can use your iOS device as a controller and watch all the action on your TV.

App Store Link: Modern Combat 3: Fallen Nation, $6.99minted methodshop (Universal)

Modern Combat 3: Fallen Nation

03) Pokerist Texas Poker

Pokerist Texas Poker - game iconIf you love to play Texas Hold’em Poker, then you will want to check out Pokerist. It is the latest in social media online poker but with more of a focus on quality. Graphics are very streamlined and the game is very easy to play on the small screen. One of the key differences between Pokerist and other poker games, is Pokerist allows players to access specialized poker training that will help them improve their game. You can also add your photo to the game, so you don’t have to feel like an anonymous bot when playing against other human players. In addition to help train you to be a better poker player and adding your photo, direct messaging capabilities are available for those wanting a less public conversation during the games. Pokerist is definitely our favorite poker app on iOS.

BTW – can anyone tell us if the cute dealer is former Baywatch babe, Carmen Electra? She looks exactly like her.

App Store Link: Pokerist Texas Poker, FREEminted methodshop (Universal)

Pokerist Texas Poker

Pokerist Texas Poker

04) The Room

The Room - game iconIf you love puzzle solving games, then The Room is right up your alley. This is similar to the puzzlers that you will see online where you have to hunt for items in order to advance a storyline. Very similar to the classic 1990s Macintosh game Myst… if you’re old enough to remember that one. The graphics are all 3D with excellent music and it’s extremely addictive.

However, due to heavy graphics requirements, The Room is only compatible on the iPhone 4S or higher. And it’s FREE. Can’t beat that!

App Store Link: The Room, FREE (iPhone 4S+)

The Room

05) Peggle

Peggle - game iconPeggle is a pachinko-style puzzler for the iPhone that has 100 unique levels. It is very similar to other Popcap games that you have played elsewhere, but this one is well suited for the iPhone.

Simple, yet addictive does seem to be the way to go for most games and this one fits the mold.

App Store Link: Peggle, FREE (iOS 3.0 devices or higher)


That’s it! So what did we miss? Please tell us about your favorite iOS games in the comments box below.
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