STUDY: Apple Watch Gets Disappointing Consumer Approval Rating

The Apple Watch has been on the market for almost a full month now. So what do consumers think of it so far? According to a new study by CrowdFlower, they aren’t very impressed.

The most telling statistic from the “CrowdFlower Apple Watch Social Data Study” is that only 55% of Apple Watch consumers love their new watch. That’s a failing grade. And to add insult to injury, Apple Watch users aren’t holding back when it comes to sharing their reactions online. The study claims that 45% of Apple Users users have tweeted a less-than-positive response.

CrowdFlower, a data analysis platform, collected and studied over 30,000 tweets from Twitter about the Apple Watch since its launch on April 24. Here are some of the most notable findings from the study.


  • 64% of women expressed positive feelings about the Apple Watch on Twitter.
  • Men are less excited about the Apple Watch, giving it a 53% overall approval rating.
  • Sentiment about the watch has slumped since its official announcement. Prior to the launch, 74% of women and over 56% of men were excited and intended to purchase an Apple Watch.
  • Love it or hate it, men don’t hold back their thoughts about the Apple Watch. 70% of all Apple Watch related tweets came from men.


Favorite Features

  • The most-loved feature is the variety of apps.
  • Apps were mentioned 56% of the time when discussing the Apple Watch’s positive features.
  • The most popular app category is “health and fitness.” Users felt that the apps were very useful and accurate and tweeted positive messages about these apps.

Negative Reactions

  • Negative tweets about the Apple Watch’s features most often mentioned app bugs (22% of the time), technical performance (15%) and overall design (14%).

California Users

  • Apple Watch users in Apple’s home state, California, tweeted about the Watch more than any other state.
  • California users also shared the most positive messages on Twitter compared to other states.
  • 59% of Apple Watch owners in California tweeted positive messages about the gadget.

So what does this mean for Apple? First of all, give a round of applause for your marketing team. They did a fantastic job. But sadly, the data seems to tell us that the less people knew about the Apple Watch, the more they liked it.

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