Why Is The Ford Fiesta So Insanely Popular In The UK?

If you see a Ford on the road in the UK, it's probably a Fiesta.

Ford Fiesta

Since its launch in 1976, the Ford Fiesta has been a popular car around the world. Especially popular in parts of Europe, the supermini car is conveniently sized for navigating smaller crowded streets. But in the United Kingdom, it’s reached iconic status. The Ford Fiesta is so popular, in 2014 became the UK’s biggest selling car of all time. And the Fiesta is far from reaching its peak. In 2016, UK new Ford Fiesta sales dominated every other model on the market.

Statistic: Leading ten car models which sold the most units in the United Kingdom (UK) in 2016 | Statista
It’s not just new cars. Even used models of the Fiesta remain popular. The UK used car dealer, Focus Cars, often sells out every year of their Fiesta inventory.

Why Is The Ford Fiesta So Popular?

The Ford Fiesta has been a popular car in the United Kingdom for decades. But why? What has driven its sales through the years?

  1. Fresh Features: Ford has managed to impress people with every new generation of the Fiesta. Unlike some car models, there’s always something special about each new Fiesta.
  2. Style: Going back to the Fiesta’s debut in 1976, the Fiesta MK1 had a cosmopolitan style that people loved. Through the years, Ford has kept the Fiesta’s sporty style aligned with modern trends and the vehicle has retained its appeal with both men and women.
  3. Price: Ford’s MK2 model of the Fiesta during the 1980s was popular because it was cheap. Ford continued its aggressive pricing with the MK3 just in time for the UK’s recession in the 1990s. It immediately became a favorite choice of Brits. Today, the Fiesta
  4. Technology: The MK6 model was a game-changer for the Fiesta. “Fiesta offered a taste of German technology with its MK6 to the people. This was the time when a large number of Brits turned towards Fiestas. The looks were irresistible and people wanted to own one, park in their porch”, says Rachel Lord from Focus Cars. Modern versions of the Fiesta feature SYNC technology for smartphones and EcoBoost fuel-efficiency.

Part of UK’s Automotive History

It might sound strange for an American car, but the Ford Fiesta has managed to become a cultural centerpiece in the UK’s automotive history. It would be easier finding a needle in a haystack than trying to find someone in the UK who has never owned, rented, or taken a ride in a Fiesta.

From driving through the congested streets of Britain, to family rides through the countryside, the fuel-efficient Fiesta has remained a top choice for UK auto-owners since 1976. It truly is a car for the generations.

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