iPhone x

Apple just released a new smartphone called the iPhone X and the world has gone wild. Besides Face ID and wireless charging, there are a lot of new great features in the iPhone X. Do you know about all of them?

01) Hello HDR

The iPhone X offers you an eye-popping resolution of 2436 by 1125, which Apple calls the X screen, the first Super Retina display to feature in the iPhone. It comes with 458 ppi pixel density, which translates to no spotting individual pixels.

02) Face ID

The Touch ID is gone and has been replaced with the Face ID, which basically is a security mechanism where you scan your face to unlock the phone.

iPhone X: Face ID
Your face is now your password. Face ID is a secure new way to unlock, authenticate, and pay.

All you need now is swipe up from the bottom of the screen and you are prompted to bring the phone near your face for scanning.

03) Animojis

Your chat will like never before be heated as the iPhone X brings the animojis to help you react to different comments. These are simply animated emojis that can react to your facial expression.

04) More Stabilized Dual Cameras

The dual cameras that come with the iPhone X are more than what you get with the iPhone 8. They are stabilized and easily create real-time depth-map when you are focusing on a subject, which allows you to make different lighting tweaks.

05) Wireless Charging

Forget about having to keep your cables near you as the iPhone X now uses wireless charging. It comes with a Qi coil, which means you can stick it on about any charging plate you can find.

06) Lots of Storage

Another great feature about the iPhone X is the massive storage capacity that comes with the phone. For the base model, you have 64 GB while the second option offers you a massive 256 GB.

07) All Glass

You will also enjoy the fact that the iPhone X is build with glass on either side. According to Apple, this is the strongest glass ever used on a phone, so don’t expect it to break easily.

08) Edge-to-Edge Display

Apple has for the first time fully implemented the full screen design on the iPhone. This came with the removal of the home button and the extension of the screen to bleed to the edges. It gives you sufficient room to view your videos and allows easy navigation between screens.

09) Better Battery

The iPhone X is equipped with a better power storage system. According to Apple, the iPhone X lasts an additional 2 hours when fully charged. This will be a huge relief for anyone who struggles to keep their iPhone charged on a regular basis or has issues with Facebook draining their phone.

10) Portrait Lighting

Enjoy a boost to your selfies as the portrait lighting feature easily recognizes spots like the eyes and nose to offer the required supplementation of lighting.

11) Arkit

This is the only iPhone to offer augmented reality action, and the fact that it is going to have an edge-to-edge display you will celebrate all steps of the way.

12) TrueDepth

The front camera of the iPhone X is made up of an infrared camera, proximity sensor, flood illuminator, and ambient light sensor, all which are meant to assist you while taking photos.

13) A11 Bionic

Apple used the A11 chip, which has helped improve performance by 25%. The phone also relies on four high-efficiency cores built to allow faster processing by 70%.

14) Galileo support

You will also love the fact that iPhone X supports Galileo, Europe’s Global Satellite Navigation System, which comes as an alternative to the U.S.-owned Global Positioning System (GPS).

15) Bluetooth 5.0

With Bluetooth 5.0, you get four times the range and twice the speed as well as eight times broadcast capacity when you compare it to Bluetooth 4.2.

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