Fixed: Starcraft 2 Mouse Won’t Move After macOS Mojave Update

Did you recently update your Mac OS only to discover that your Starcraft 2 mouse won’t move? If you have a Starcraft 2 cursor not moving issue, the you are in the right place. All of Blizzard‘s Macintosh games, including Heroes Of The Storm and Starcraft 2, were impacted after the macOS Mojave update. This fix will only take about 60 seconds and will have you back in the game in no time.

Starcraft 2 Mouse Not Working Mac

The reason you can’t move your mouse is an accessibility issue. Just go to System Preferences > Security & Privacy > Privacy Tab and enable SC2 under Accessibility. More detailed instructions are below.

7Open System Preferences App

6Security & Privacy Icon

5Privacy Tab

4Select The Accessibility Icon

3Enter Your Admin Password

2SC2 Accessibility

1That’s It! Mojave Starcraft 2 Mouse Issue Fixed!

If had a mouse not working error in Starcraft or another Blizzard app, then it should be fixed now. Try launching and see if you mouse is working again.

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