All it takes to launch a successful photography business is just one creative person with the drive of an entrepreneur. But you will need more than a good camera and some photography skills. If you’re planning to venture into the photography business, here are all the tangible and intangible assets you’d need to get started.

What You Need To Start Your Photography Business

A good camera is a no-brainer. So that’s not what we’ll focus on in this article. Here are the other essentialities that most photographers will eventually need.


Once you have a camera, you’ll need a tripod to keep your camera steady. It helps you focus on the subject, your settings and prevents your camera from moving around.

2Camera Bag

Depending on your camera, you might get a free bag with your purchase. If you don’t, you’ll need to buy one. Your camera needs protection and you have to make sure it doesn’t get damaged. Most bags also have additional space for other equipment.


When you’re not using sunlight or natural light for your shoots, you’d need a lighting kit. Most photographers prefer natural lighting, but you’ll need lights for indoor studios and shoots. When buying a camera in person, ask about lights. You might even get a discounted rate.


Cameras have different types of lenses that can help you capture a variety of different looks. When starting out, avoid the more experimental lenses. It is better to invest in the types of lenses that will help you capture better quality photos.


The kinds of images that you plan to take, will help determine what kinds of backdrops you’ll need. For studio or portrait pictures, it’s essential that you either buy or design backdrops for your customers to choose from.


Keeping several props handy is a smart idea. Props can get your subject in the right frame of mind or help visually communicate an idea. For example, a notebook or tablet is a great prop for a candid shot of someone working at an office. It’s a good idea to talk to your clients about props before their shoot.


Beginners usually stick to outdoor photography to save money on studio rental fees. However, as your photography business gets more advanced, you will eventually need access to a studio. It not only makes you look more professional, but it also lets you cater more to your clients.

8Smartphone With A Great Camera

Smartphones are a great tool even though they can never replace your main camera. A good camera in your smartphone can help you promote your business on social media. Taking images on your smartphone and using them as a reference is another example.

9Editing Software

Taking a great photo is only half of the work in photography. The other part is editing your photos. Most of your editing will be spent retouching faces and removing things like red-eye, pimples, moles and wrinkles. You can use an advanced desktop photo editor application like Adobe Photoshop or use a browser-based face editor online. Some photo editors can even make your smartphone pictures look as good as a DSLR image. You just need to know how to operate the software and make the best use of the given filters.

10A Computer

To design, retouch, or edit photos you will need a computer. It also needs to have plenty of RAM and storage to be able to edit big files.

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