You probably spend a portion of your day browsing the internet or social media, right? Did you know that you can actually turn that time spent scrolling in profit? This article is full of real ways on how to make money online from home or work. There are websites that pay in cash or gift cards for simple tasks like using a search engine or even shopping with your favorite retail sites.

Get Paid To Browse With Search Engines

Search engines are powerful tools for finding information quickly. They’re not only convenient, but they provide unlimited information in the palm of our hands. But what if they could also provide cash for your wallet?

Qmee and Swagbucks are two sites that pay users to use Internet search engines. With Swagbucks, you’ll earn Swag Bucks, (points) which you can redeem for cash or gift cards. Each SB is worth about one cent, so you’ll need to earn 100 for your first dollar.

Even if you’re only earning a few dollars, you’re turning that time you spend using search engines into profit. Qmee provides a browser app to its users that helps you earn cash rewards while using your favorite search engine.

Get Paid To Shop Online

Shopping is another way how to earn money from home. Qmee also provides its users with money-saving coupons and other savings when shopping online. Saving money is the second best thing to earning money, and Qmee has access to some great deals and coupons to maximize your savings.

Swagbucks offers a similar service, with an option to earn cashback on specific purchases so you can put some of what you spent right back into your pocket.

There are other sites that specifically offer cashback on purchases from qualifying retailers. BeFrugal and Ebates are just two more options that provide connections to thousands of retailers across the country. You’ll be able to earn up to 30% cashback on purchases.

The next time you go shopping online, try one of these great options to not only save money on your purchases but even generate some cashback.

Watching Videos

How many online videos do you watch per day? Did you know that there’s a way to turn your video viewing into cash? Many survey sites like Swagbucks provide a platform from which you can earn extra money just by watching their videos.

The videos are usually ad-related, and sometimes you’ll be asked to complete a post-viewing survey. You can browse Facebook or shop online with the video playing in the background, generating money every time you watch a new one.

With Swagbucks, your efforts will be converted to points which are equivalent to about one cent. Some videos are worth more than others, but there’s potential to make up to $5 per day simply by watching videos.

Playing Games

There are thousands of browser and mobile games available. If you enjoy browser games, then you’ll be excited to learn that some sites allow you to make extra money while playing games.

Again, Swagbucks has this area covered with its own browser games. Swagbucks has popular titles like Deal or No Deal and Wheel of Fortune, so you’ll already be familiar with some of the games that earn you money.


Some other alternatives include Inbox Dollars and Cash Crate. They also offer rewards for playing their web games. For every dollar you spend in-game, you’ll get cash or points that you can redeem later; likely in combination with other tasks like watching videos or taking surveys. Cash Crate is a more competitive environment, where you can actually participate in tournaments to earn money.

Giving Opinions & Taking Surveys

We give our opinions every day in work and personal settings, and especially on the web. Reviews on products, comments on social media posts, these are all ways in which we all participate in “giving our two cents”.

What if your “two cents” could turn into actual money by taking surveys? Sites like Swagbucks offer points for surveys, which you can then redeem for cash or gift cards to your favorite retailers. We’ve also found some information from a Swagbucks review if you want to learn more. But there are dozens of survey sites out there, so you’re not just limited only to Swagbucks.

Retailers pay for the information provided in such surveys to create better products and services, so your opinions are more valuable when you give them in a survey form. You’ll be actively participating in market research and product feedback, which is essential to a successful business. Customer feedback tells retailers exactly what their customers want and expect from doing business with them.

Creative Ways On How To Make Money Online

Turn your spare time into profit by using these methods, and you’ll be on your way to creating a secondary income stream. You can use most of these services as often as you like, so the potential to earn is huge and readily available.

Don’t forget to check the site’s credentials before signing up for any “get paid to” promotion. Be sure to carefully read the site’s reviews as well, as its users will know better than anyone if the site is honest and legitimate or not.

I hope you found these simple ideas on how to get paid for things you already do every day useful. If you know of some more ways to make money from home, then please let us know in the comments.

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