10 Awesome 8-Bit Music Versions Of Popular Radiohead Songs

8-Bit Music Versions Of Popular Radiohead Songs

Have you ever wondered what your favorite Radiohead songs sound like when converted to 8-bit music? Probably not, but we couldn’t help compiling this collection of popular Radiohead songs that fans have converted into 8-bit audio tracks. It’s cool and hilarious at the same time.

8-Bit Music Covers Of Popular Radiohead Songs

Give these 8-bit songs a listen. We dare you to try not to imagine that you’re playing video games from the 1980s like Super Mario Bros or Zelda.

1Radiohead Creep: 8-Bit Music Version

2Radiohead Paranoid Android: 8-Bit Audio Version

3Radiohead Karma Police: 8-Bit Version

4Radiohead No Surprises: 8-Bit Version

5Radiohead Everything In Its Right Place: 8-Bit

6Radiohead Pyramid Song: 8-Bit Music Version

7Radiohead Reckoner: 8-Bit Version

8Radiohead 15 Step: 8-Bit Version

9Radiohead Decks Dark

10Radiohead – Planet Telex

NERD NOTE: 8-Bit Music, also known as chiptune or chip music, is a style of electronically synthesized audio created using synthesizers or a programmable sound generator (PSG). 8-bit music was typically used in older computers, arcade games, and video game consoles. Modern compositions using 8-bit audio are done for creative expression or to create a retro-like sound.

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