Speculation of a TIVO Suitor Wanes in Apple

Speculation of a TIVO Suitor Wanes in Apple 1
A Smith Barney equities analyst said that Apple is not likely to buy TIVO based on discussions with Apple senior management. According to the analyst, Apple is committed to proven technologies, like the iPod and DVD-R.

Wall Street is rife with speculation that Apple will acquire TIVO as part of its strategy of owning the ‘hub to the digital lifestyle.’ With a market cap of $300 MM, many analysts opine that TIVO is a cheap buy. Shares of TIVO, while up in recently over such speculation, are down almost 25% since the start of 2005. If the rumors are indeed unfounded and TIVO’s stock drops, short sellers will find themselves handsomely rewarded.

Tech companies, from HP to Microsoft, are racing to own the digital home with its focus on the computer as the home centerpiece.